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Expert PowerPoint Training & Presentation Design Coaching


truly influential and informative presentation visuals that click with any audience.


proficiency, efficiency, and competence with PowerPoint, Keynote, and other presentation tools.


the psychology of visuals to persuade, inform, and inspire.


dull subjects and avoid boring PowerPoint with timesaving techniques and powerful apps.


strategies to better process information and turn ideas and concepts into compelling and informative graphics.


a new (or redesigned) PowerPoint presentation using best PowerPoint practices.

Over 30 Hot Topics

  • Using Copyrighted Material In Your Presentation
  • The Psychology Of Color
  • Working With Photoshop Illustrator And Other Power Design Tool
  • Tips For Great Web Based Presentations
  • Smart Art And Formatting Shapes
  • Simple Strategies For Presenting Complex Concepts
  • Scary Presentations
  • Secrets To A Successful Investor Presentation
  • Secrets To Writing Great Headlines And Brief Bullets
  • Reducing Powerpoint Clutter
  • Preventing Powerpoint Pitfalls
  • Presenter View
  • Presentation Design Philosophies
  • Presentation Time Management
  • Presentation Power Tools
  • Planning A Perfect Powerpoint
  • Organizing And Structuring Presentations
  • Hyperlink With Powerpoint
  • Mastering Masters Themes And Layouts
  • Finding The Perfect Images For Your Presentation
  • Fontastic 10 Tips To Using Fonts In Powerpoint
  • Keyboard Commands And Shortcuts
  • Effective File Organization
  • 7 Powerpoint Animation Tips
  • Dimensional Presentations
  • A Smart Start To Your Powerpoint Presentation
  • 5 Strategies To Reduce Presentation Time And Costs
  • 5 Tips For Displaying Numbers On Powerpoint
  • 10 Tips To Being A Powerpoint Power User

Expert Training = Immediate Improvement

Group & Private Coaching

From 1 to 1000, our trainers provide help at all levels.

Top Clients. Since 1995.

Over 20 years of helping clients around the world to create great presentations.

Affordably Priced

Price varies by number of people and length of training. Get a free estimate!

Your Office, Ours, Phone, or Web

Our trainers work on-site at your location, by phone, or by webcast.

Learn from the Experts

We match you with one of our Subject Matter Experts for best-in-class learning.

Customized Just For You

We work with you to build a training curriculum that meets your goals.

Are you seeking new ways to say more, sell more, and be more?

If you’re looking to supercharge your presentations, The Presentation Team’s PowerPoint Training and Presentation Design Coaching is the solution!

This comprehensive one-of-a-kind PowerPoint training solution provides creative techniques and time-saving strategies to help raise your presentations to the next level.

Our PowerPoint Training provides creative design techniques, time-saving strategies, and valuable processes to raise presentations to the next level.  Participants learn the techniques of the pros, so that future presentations will sizzle!

Our PowerPoint Training is not an ordinary PowerPoint “class.”

Rather, it’s a hands-on interactive customized training “workshop” to help you and your team more effectively use PowerPoint and other applications to work creatively and efficiently to create world-class presentation visuals.

The Presentation Team’s PowerPoint Training features case-studies of actual corporate presentations.

We also work to transform several of your own slides with a hands-on presentation makeover.

We work to analyze the good and the bad…and help you discover the secrets to working like PowerPoint pro!

Our fun and interactive training helps people learn and apply great PowerPoint techniques tips…while transforming your presentation slides from boring into beautiful.

Our training gives you expert knowledge…plus terrific new slides!


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Our PowerPoint Training features a Customized Curriculum comprised of presentation design / development / strategy / writing… plus advanced PowerPoint techniques and strategies.

It’s designed by PowerPoint experts…for people who want to become PowerPoint experts.

The program is focused on PowerPoint 2010/13/16, as well as other graphics applications, depending on your skillset and focus.

Help Me Present!


  • ADB
  • ADP
  • ADT
  • Accenture
  • American-Express
  • Aramark
  • Carvel
  • Comcast
  • Costa
  • Cox
  • DAI
  • GE-Healthcare
  • GTE-Financial
  • Gtt
  • Johnson-and-Johnson
  • Markem-Imaje
  • Motorola
  • NASA
  • Office-Depot
  • Oracle
  • Polo
  • Republic-Services
  • Ryder
  • Siemens
  • Singlehop
  • Software-AG
  • TD-Waterhouse
  • UBS
  • VTiDirect
  • Venn-Strategies
  • Verizon
  • Whirlpool
  • “We engaged The Presentation Team to do a Presentation training for our team and he did a great job. He spent time understanding our requirements and the skill level of our team members and created a course which met our expectations and goals. I highly recommend The Presentation Team as a Presentation (PowerPoint) trainer.”

    Navdeep Sidhu
    Senior Director, Software AG

  • “Kevin Lerner provided best-in-class services when hired to work on promotional materials for the launch of a key product at Motorola. The expertise and quality that he brought to the project were second to none and as a result, he delivered a top-notch presentation that was quickly adopted throughout the organization. Kevin is great to work with, delivers on time, is a great team player and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

    Maria Cardoso

  • “Kevin has been a working with Cox Communications to deliver world-class PowerPoint presentation visuals since 2009. His ability to meet our specific needs, timeframe, and budgets has been exceptional. His professional interaction with our team reflects his deep expertise in the industry, superior presentation design skills, and commitment to superior service.”

    Jonathan Freeland
    VP, Video Marketing at Cox Communications

  • “Kevin is an enthusiastic, creative, and passionate presentation guru. Our company was impressed and felt the value of his training in 2013 that he was invited again recently to again share his knowledge. Both times he has been energetic and addressed many areas for presentation development. From planning to follow-up Kevin is personable and easygoing, motivating our teams to take their presentations to the next level.”

    Yoshimi Kawashima
    Project Coordinator, Nissin International

  • “Kevin helped me immensely improve my presentation slides development, from tips & tricks to aesthetics, all with the intent of getting the message across crisply and creatively. I’ve already received praise for decks that incorporate the skills obtained from his training. I highly recommend Kevin’s services.”

    Era Prakash
    General Electric

  • “Kevin helped me immensely improve my presentation slides development, from “The PowerPresentations seminar opened my eyes to all the limitless possibilities in presenting.”

    Leah Gordillo
    Saint Francis Medical Center

  • “Kevin helped me immensely improve my presentation slides development, from “[Kevin and The Presentation Team have] always delivered 110% in terms of meeting our objectives for finished product and budget”

    Paul Price
    Watsco Corp.

  • “I had more people come up to me after I spoke, commenting on the visuals you created, than I did on the subject matter!”

    Andy Smith
    Smith & Robb Advertising

  • “As a Fortune 1000 company, we sought to produce a classy, yet conservative presentation for our shareholders. It was evident that you and your team listened to our thoughts as you developed the presentation…”

    Will Flower
    Republic Services

  • “Your expertise in the filed of PowerPoint and general presentation techniques helped elevate us to the level necessary to beat the competition.”

    Mike Geary
    James Pirtle Construction

  • “Kevin brought a high level of creativity, enthusiasm, and deep multmedia experience to our team. He worked dillegently with the team to produce an outstanding proposal which we subsequently won.

    Jeff Keller

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